Airbnb SEO

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Airbnb SEO

Getting noticed by potential guests is one of the most effective ways to increase bookings, and with Airbnb SEO you can quickly rank higher in search results on the platform. Optimizing your Airbnb listing will not only increase views and bookings but will result in a higher guest satisfaction and also enables many hosts to charge more per night.

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What is Airbnb SEO?

You may be familiar with Google SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. In short, SEO is a range of techniques that can improve the performance of a listing in search results. Generally, Google SEO is used by businesses and corporations to rank on the first page for search terms relevant to their product or service.

With most search engines, there is an algorithm used to determine which results appear first. When a guest searches on Airbnb for a certain property type in a specific location, the algorithm will determine the best and most relevant results to show. To improve the rank of a listing, hosts can use several different Airbnb SEO techniques. The more SEO used, the better a listing performs.

Does Airbnb Optimization Work?

Yes, Airbnb SEO works! Airbnb uses a search engine algorithm, which allows listings to be tweaked and improved to ensure they outperform a competitor.

At Optimal BNB, we specialize in Airbnb SEO. We have optimized thousands of listings on the platform. Our research and development team continuously monitor and implement the latest optimization techniques to ensure our clients continue to rank high.

Is Airbnb Optimization Difficult?

There are numerous different Airbnb optimization techniques available, with varying degrees of complexity. Some of the easiest Airbnb ranking factors can be enabled with the click of a button, such as enabling the ‘instant book’ feature.

Whilst some optimization on Airbnb only takes a moment, there are ranking factors that require considerable time, or even an expert to carry out the work. As well as modifying your listing, there are external factors that we have discovered improve rankings, and these can often be more technical to implement.

Optimize Airbnb Listing

How many Airbnb Ranking Factors are there?

Like most search engines, the Airbnb algorithm uses numerous factors to provide guests with the best possible experience on the platform. In fact, research indicates that there are as many as 150 different rankings factors.

Whilst there are a considerable number of techniques to rank higher on Airbnb, many of the most important factors relate to the guest’s experience during every stage of the process, from first viewing your listing in the search results through to leaving a review after the stay. After all, if a guest enjoys staying your property, others are likely to also have a great experience, so your listing will outperform competitors who don’t provide guests with a quality experience.

There are a number of ranking factors that are out of your control. So, whilst 150 ranking factors sounds daunting, the number that you should focus on is closer to 30.

How can I rank higher on Airbnb?

To rank higher, you will need to carry out Airbnb search engine optimization on your listing. Just like how a business optimizes their website for a better user experience to rank higher in Google and other search engines, hosts need to do the same to improve a listings performance.

The most effective Airbnb optimization techniques

Below are some effective Airbnb SEO techniques that you can implement in your listings to rank higher and receive more bookings.

1. Guest Satisfaction

One of the most important Airbnb SEO factors is your guest’s experience. Listings with higher reviews tend to outperform listings with a poorer review record. To achieve consistently high reviews, ensure your listing is true and honest, reply to communication quickly, and ensure the property is clean and welcoming. Finally, follow up with your guests after their stay to thank them for visiting, at which time you can also request feedback and ask for a review.

2. Dynamic Pricing

This is pricing that adjusts to reflect the current or anticipated demand. Popular dates, such as holiday periods, often result in an increased demand, at which time your pricing should be higher. Conversely, lower pricing should be offered during off-peak times. Airbnb has its own dynamic pricing options, but we recommend using one of the services in our marketplace for the best results.

3. Listing Title

The listing title is extremely important. It is one of the few pieces of information a potential guest reads before deciding whether to click through and view the rest of your profile. A good listing title not only requires descriptive and engaging content, but it also needs to be a required length in order to achieve the best results.

4. Instant Book

This is a great feature, which makes Airbnb more similar to other accommodation websites, such as Whilst it may be far less convenient for hosts, guests respond a lot better to listings that they can instantly book.

5. Response Speed

Nobody likes to be kept waiting. Your response speed is one of the metrics visible on the site. Guests perceive a slow response rate negatively and are far less likely to book your property. Our marketplace includes a number of automated response services, which will resolve your slow response times.

6. Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy is an important consideration for hosts. A lenient cancellation policy may leave you with last minute cancellations and empty nights in your calendar. However, a policy that is too strict will lose your potential bookings and impact on your listings performance.

7. Minimum Night

There are many reasons why you may want to implement a minimum stay. It reduces the check-in work, there is less overall communication with guests, and many perceive longer term guests as easier. However, adding a minimum stay length can negatively impact your listings performance, as well as resulting in a higher percentage of empty nights throughout your monthly calendar.

8. Amenities

As well as providing a better guest experience, some amenities also help improve the safety of a property. Guest safety is valued by Airbnb, so it is worth investing in the many affordable amenities to improve your listings performance.

There are many more Airbnb SEO ranking factors that should also be considered to fully optimize your listing for higher rankings, more bookings and great customer satisfaction. Optimal BNB can help optimize Airbnb listings throughout the world and in any language. If you need optimization, trust our expert team to unlock the full potential of your property.

Ready to get your listing higher on Airbnb?

Optimal BNB helps Airbnb hosts rank higher, receive more bookings and unlock the full potential of their property.

How long does Airbnb SEO take?

Unfortunately, optimizing an Airbnb listing doesn’t yield instant results. The length of time it takes for improvements to be noticeable can range from a few weeks to several months. The average time is typically 3 – 6 weeks, but it is important to remain patient whilst the optimization takes effect and is indexed by Airbnb’s search engine.

Can I outperform my competitors?

Airbnb is a very competitive platform, with millions listings across tens of thousands of cities throughout the world. There are new listings added to the platform every day. Hosts need to compete to appeal to potential guests and win bookings.

One of the main goals when optimizing Airbnb listings is to rank higher than your competitors and receive more bookings. Using a combination of on-page and off-page Airbnb seo techniques, you can get your listing higher in Airbnb search results.

Create an Airbnb SEO Strategy

To ensure the most effective results, many experts suggest creating an Airbnb SEO strategy that suits your requirements. Every Airbnb listing is different, and it is likely that some of the the SEO tips won’t be required on your listing, as you may already be performing well in those areas.

It is important to focus on the areas that need the greatest improvement. If you are receiving great reviews, but your response time could do with some work, your SEO strategy should be focused on implementing automated responses for guest enquiries rather than focusing on further improving reviews. After all, better communication will ultimately help you receive more 5-star reviews.

Airbnb SEO Techniques

Important Airbnb SEO Considerations

Before starting any optimization, it is important to remember that there are numerous factors which limit your ability to rank for certain results. Below are some of the main ranking factors that cannot be improved with Airbnb search engine optimization.

  • Listing Location: Location is one of the main search criteria used to display results that are relevant to a guest. Whilst you can optimize your listing to rank high for searches in your area, there is nothing you can do to rank high for searches that are not within a certain radius of your city or town.
  • Property Size: Airbnb often prioritises listings that match the search criteria of guests, as more appropriate results typically result in quicker bookings and happy clients. As such, a 5-bedroom home that can host up to 10 guests will not typically rank high in searches where there are only 2 guests. Instead, 1-bedroom apartments will likely appear at the top of the results. Conversely, a studio apartment won’t appear when searching for a family of 6 guests.
  • Availability: As guests enter their check-in and check-out dates when searching on Airbnb, your listing will not appear in the results if you do not have any availability. Even if you have partial availability during the required dates, other listings that are available will perform better in that specific search.
  • Listing Age: The age of your listing does have a large impact on rankings, at least initially. Unfortunately, you cannot control or alter the age of your account. Newer listings receive preferential placement in many search results, as the platform tries to promote these properties to guests. It may seem unfair that these listings receive higher positioning just for being new, but it is important to consider that they are unlikely to have any customer reviews, so are often at a disadvantage trying to compete with the older listings in the search results.

Whilst these factors can not be improved with optimization, it is important to consider that guests will likely have a less enjoyable stay if these search constants were not used. With guest satisfaction playing a large part in ranking, it is far more beneficial to only appear in relevant search results

How can Optimal BNB help?

At Optimal BNB we specialise in Airbnb SEO. Not only do we carry out optimization on thousands of listings each year, but we also research and develop the latest and most effective optimisation techniques in the industry.

As well as the SEO techniques listed above, Optimal BNB uses an exclusive extended list of ranking techniques. These include both on-page and off-page optimization. For clients who want to quickly rank their listings, our services are designed to provide effective optimization.

The Optimal BNB team consists of SEO experts. We have worked with clients around the world to improve their listings. As a result of our optimization, our client’s listings now:

  • Rank higher on Airbnb
  • Receive more views
  • Gain more bookings
  • Increase nightly rates

Optimal BNB provides complete Airbnb optimization services to suit any budget or requirement. Our services are available globally and in any language. If you want to unlock the full potential of your Airbnb listing and outperform your competitors, Optimal BNB can help!

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