What is Airbnb Plus?

What is Airbnb Plus and How do I qualify?
Airbnb Plus is a premium accommodation service. Hosts have to meet high standards, whilst guests receive a great experience. But is it worth the extra costs?

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Airbnb Plus is a new, higher-end tier of Airbnb which was launched in February 2018 to ensure exceptional quality, comfort and hotel like attention to detail. Airbnb plus was launched to target travelers who want the reliability, high standards and amenities normally received from a leading hotel. It is a selection of only the best and the highest quality properties with good reviews in guest satisfaction and attention to detail. Thousands of properties have been listed on Airbnb Plus, which is available in many cities including London, Melbourne, Rome and Los Angeles. According to Airbnb, the goal is to increase the number of people that use this platform and increase its outreach.

How can I qualify for Airbnb Plus?

Airbnb plus is the real deal. Every home listed on Airbnb Plus is verified through quality inspection done by the Airbnb staff to ensure quality and design. When the property passes all the criteria the “Plus” badge appears on the listing, which allows consumers to easily spot Plus accommodation. You cannot simply list your property as a Plus home. You must apply to be a part of the program and pay a $149 application fee. After you have applied a professional photographer and an inspector are sent to visit the property, take photographs and inspect the home thoroughly.

In order for a property to qualify as an Airbnb Plus home it needs to pass Airbnb’s 100-point quality check list. Some of the things in the check list include full cooking equipment, a clean refrigerator and toiletries. Furthermore, you should only apply for Airbnb Plus badge if you meet the following requirements.

  1. An overall average rating of 4.8 over the past year.
  2. No cancelled reservations over the past year.
  3. Property is well-equipped with amenities like Internet (WiFi) and good quality linens.
  4. Well maintained and exceptionally clean and tidy property.

What are the benefits of Plus?

As a host on Airbnb, getting your property the Plus badge can bring in more cash for you. It has a lot of benefits. The Airbnb Plus properties appear higher in the search results which in turn gets you more bookings and thus increasing your business. Having a Plus home helps assure guests that you know what you are doing and things will be exactly how they should be at the property. This improves guest satisfaction and reduces the number of questions they will have before and during their stay. As you will be listing an elite property on the website, nightly revenue is typically higher for a Plus property compared with standard Airbnb listings.


Should I book Airbnb Plus or a Regular Airbnb?

If you are travelling and want to experience the Airbnb Plus homes, we suggest that you go for it. With Airbnb Plus you no longer have to worry about surprises and cleaning issues. Everything will be as you want it to be.  When booking a Plus property, you can rest assured that there will be glowing reviews that accurately reflect the accommodation and the host delivers everything that is offered in the listing. Simply find the Plus home that matches your requirements and suits your taste.

It is perfect for special occasions may it be a birthday, honeymoon or a family vacation. One of the best things about booking an Airbnb Plus home is the customer support.  Guests using Airbnb Plus when travelling receive premium support that gets their issues, if any at all, resolved very quickly. The other good thing is that unlike Airbnb “Super Host” and “Standard Airbnb”, you do not have to wait for the host to accept your reservation. The Airbnb Plus program requires the host to accept all the reservations except under special circumstances, so your stay will be confirmed right away.

Is Airbnb Plus worth the cost?

Airbnb Plus properties aren’t for everyone. According to the company, the average cost for a Plus home per night is $250. This is an amount which not everyone would be willing to spend or simply cannot afford to do so.

Whilst Plus Airbnb’s do typically provide better overall accommodation, the higher price tag may not always be worth it for travelers. Holidaymakers looking for an affordable place to sleep will normally find cheaper Airbnb rates looking at standard listings. There are millions of Airbnb’s available throughout the world, including many unique and amazing properties.

Standard Airbnb listings are much cheaper than the Plus homes and are readily available in your desired location. For a trustworthy stay without the added expense of Plus, keep an eye out for Superhost listings. These hosts are experienced and have a great track record of providing a fantastic experience for their guests.

As well as the pricing, another difference between standard and Plus homes is the inspections and maintenance of exceptionally high standards. Airbnb Plus hosts have to make sure that you meet all the requirements to maintain their status and provide a great overall service.

Is Airbnb Plus worth it

Ready for a Premium Airbnb?

So, if you have travel plans and want to experience the Plus homes and are willing to spend the extra money then go for it. You will not be disappointed. But if you are simply looking for place to crash then you may not need to spend the extra cash. A standard Airbnb home would be perfect for you.

If you are a host and are doing fine with your standard Airbnb badge then there is no need for you to try to get the Plus badge. It is a lot of hard work and may not be worth the extra effort. However, if you want to expand your business and make more money, whilst also taking on new challenges, then we suggest you apply for the Airbnb Plus badge.

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